How do I take care of my hair?

By The London Ginger (Para ler esse post em português, clique aqui)
Raquel Sol

Is it hard work taking care of coloured hair?

I believe that every different hair needs special care for its own condition, but I also believe that a good routine and discipline of daily and weekly care can make a huge difference. I can’t say it is too much work, but I like to give some care and attention to keep my hair healthy and nurtured.

My hair is dyed, as I mentioned in this post here, and to keep its health, colour and shine, I have established a few products and care methods that work wonders.

I think that it is very important to think about the health of the hair strands and scalp, so even though I dye my hair I still use a deep cleanse or anti-residue shampoo at least once a month. I usually leave this process for the last wash before I dye my hair. Whenever I think it’s necessary I do this more than once a month, but it really depends if your hair discolours too much during each wash – which is not my case. I find it very important to wash my hair very well, especially if you use finishing products. I also like to use a hair exfoliator to really take care of the scalp – this is a trick I learned and it makes a huge difference to your hair strands and scalp health – your scalp needs as much care as your skin does. If your hair is not very receptive to a deep cleanse shampoo, you can replace it with a neutral pH shampoo.

My weekly care routine involves: first I wash my hair with a shampoo for coloured hair, and for the second wash I can either repeat the process or use a shampoo tailored to the result I am looking for – hydration, volume, etc.
A tip that almost everybody know but don’t do as much is to dilute the shampoo in water before putting it in your hair. This is very helpful and avoids accumulating shampoo residue in your hair.

I don’t wash my hair too many times a week. My hair is not oily, which allows me more time between each wash, and whenever necessary I just use a dry shampoo.
After washing, I always remove the excess water and apply a mask once a week, and I feel that my hair responds well to this routine. After leaving the mask for about 10 minutes, I rinse and apply the conditioner. I learned this with an amazing hairdresser – the correct order should be: shampoo, mask and conditioner. It was really well for my hair and the conditioner closes the cuticles that are hydrated after the mask. And I try to do this with room temperature to cold water, which is better for your hair and scalp health.

A new line of product that I have been trying lately are coloured conditioners. After the shampoo or after the mask, I apply the products and leave it on for a few minutes. It helps revitalise the hair colour, besides conditioning the hair.

After washing I always apply a colour protector, an oil and/or leave in – depending on the hair situation, and always in that order. While the protector I spray all over my hair, the oil and leave in I use just a small amount, and apply it only on the hair length, especially the tips.

If I am going to dry my hair, I apply a thermal protector in case the leave in or the colour protect does not already have it. And I also spray thermal water before brushing or using the babyliss, which helps it to shine.
And if I am using a hair dryer, I try to keep the temperature warm to cold, to avoid the strands from taking to much heat. After all, sometimes I use a babyliss so I always try to balance the temperature to avoid damaging my hair, even when using a thermal protector.

Phew…is that all?

It seems very complicated, but once this becomes routine, you can manage better how long that takes and adopt what works best for your type of hair. This way your hair is always healthy and beautiful.
If you don’t have time, patience or desire to use this amount of products or steps, opt for products that take care of your needs in a practical way. There are a lot of products nowadays that does more than one function – which can help reduce the amount of steps in your routine.

I will leave a list of products that are my personal choices and are some of my favourites – keeping in mind that I always have two different products for each item so that my hair does not get accustomed. And I vary them from time to time.

Como cuido do meu cabelo e do meu ruivo? - Os Produtos
List of products:

  1. Redken Shampoo Color Extend Magnetics
  2. L’oreal Vitamino Color Shampoo
  3. Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo e Mask
  4. SH-RD Protein Cream
  5. Maria Nila Colour Refresh Bright Copper
  6. The Beauty Box Shampoo Detox
  7. Davines Oi Oil
  8. Davines Oi All In One Milk
  9. Davines Conditioner Coloured Hair Copper
  10. Davines NaturalTech Detoxing Scrub Shampoo
  11. Moroccanoil Treatment
  12. Maria Nila Luminous Colour

My hair colour and how I became ginger

Posted by The London Ginger (Para ler esse post em português, clique aqui)

No, I’m not a natural ginger, some of you already know, but a lot of people still feel surprised when I say that my natural hair colour is dark brown, so in this post I will talk a little about the colour, the change and how I maintain my hair.

Some time ago, six years to be precise, after many different hair colour changes, eu decided that I would like to be redhead (I’ve been a redhead twice before), a copper red, which is the tone I like the most, but there are many other options.

I’ve always been very curious and liked to experiment with new colours, haircuts, and so I changed my hair many times. Until I was 18 years old I hadn’t changed the colour, only the haircut.

After trying the ginger colour for the third time, I realised that is the color I like the most. I believe that when we find a colour that we really like, it’s hard to want another, and that is what happened with me. When I finally got the colour that I have today, I found myself and I can’t – or rather, don’t want to – imagine changing to another colour.

I was very afraid of how hard it would be to maintain this colour, that it would discolour to much, that I would have to go to the hairdresser every month, but I started to learn the correct way to dye and take care of it, and to be honest it isn’t much work, just the basic care that any coloured hair needs.

My red hair has a technical name which is Medium Blond Golden Copper, but that is all codename for ginger, a term used by hairdressers, and this stuck in my head, and so it became an inspiration behind the blog’s name (my hair was the true responsible for the creation of The London Ginger)

About the colour:
The easiest way to change a hair colour is if your hair has no other chemicals in it, but in my case, it was already dyed, so I had to discolour it first (without damaging the hair), so then I could apply the new colour. But if your hair doesn’t have any other colour already, you can skip the discolouring.

The change must be done by a professional, since they know the correct measures for the application and the correct time that it takes to work. After all, they are the ones with the necessary knowledge on the subject.

I maintain my hair colour at home, I apply it once a month, although ideally I should be doing it every 20 days because my hair grows fairly fast, but I try to wait for the 30 days.

In São Paulo, Brazil, I used to dye it at home as well, but I would occasionally pay a visit to Liceu de Maquiagem where Talita Osiro, a lovely woman and amazing professional would take care of the colour for me, and she taught me how to properly measure the hair paint mix, and how to maintain an even and vibrant colour, and between these visits I would handle the maintenance on my own. To be honest, I like the option of doing it all by myself, because if there is ever an event or trip that was not planned, and there is no time or availability at any hairdresser, it it great to have this option. But it takes some practice to learn, attention and the right products for your hair.

Here in London I rely on two amazing professionals – Fer Nabuco and Marcio Soares, because even though I make little retouches at home, I always like to pay a visit to a good professional to learn new tips, and although I like to take care of my own hair, it doesn’t make the wish to go to a good professional go away.

After a few tries, I discovered that Keune has the most natural and beautiful ginger tones for my hair. I mix two different tones – the 8.4 and 8.34.

Not only Keune hair dye colours are wonderful, but it also treats the hair and covers any white hair, because it has a small amount of ammonia, and it is free of PPD Para-phenylenediamine (which causes allergies), and it has also Cocamid MEA, which is derivative of coconut oil, a great touch that not only hidrates the hair, but it also prevents the dye from leaving any stains on your skin. (This is not a publicity post, I am just sharing my experience with this hair dye that I have been using for over six years).

Every month I do a quick retouch on the roots and every two to three months, depending on when it’s necessary, I dye my whole hair to have a more uniform and glowing result.

If you’d like to change your hair colour, to whichever colour you like, look for a professional and talk to him about how this change can be done, how to maintain and be sure to always follow the correct instructions to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Only this way you will be able to maintain at home, especially because the formula always changes from person to person. You can’t simply copy someone else’s formula and be sure it’ll work.

There is a question that everyone asks me – what to do about your eyebrows?

Well, this is very personal, each one should decide what they’d like to do. I decided to dye my eyebrows every time I dye my hair, because I thought it would look more natural, but there are those who prefer to maintain the natural eyebrow colour, which also works.

Another tip for those who are thinking of changing their hair colour is to look at references, with pictures of different hair colours and styles. I did a vast research before deciding, and here are a few of my references for my colour.
(Photos: Florence Welch, Julia Petit, Emma Stone and Amy Adams.)

In another post I will talk about how I maintain and take care of my hair in order to have a lasting colour and make it always look beautiful, vibrant with a hydrated and natural-looking hair.

A visit to Penhaligon’s


In 1870 a barber shop was born, and almost 150 years later continues to be part of the streets and the history of England. Penhaligon’s was a barber shop when it first inaugurated by William Penhaligon and during the reign of Queen Victoria, it was appointed as the Royal Court’s Barber and Perfumier, and this began the story of one of the most traditional perfume brands in England.

With many stores, the brand has in its line over 50 fragrances, that come in and out of catalog when they are created. Currently the line has approximately 40 perfumes. The fragrances are created after a lot of research, the studies done go beyond simply aromas, and each perfumes has over 20 different notes that together tell a story, taking colours, places in the world, e what the perfume wants to tell.

Besides the brands own creations, there are perfumes created for the Royal Court – not only for the English Royal Family, but other Royal families have (and still do) make special orders from this brand.

I will share with you a few of the stories of the perfumes that I got to know in my visit to one of the stores.
Iris Prima
The inspiration behind the creation of this perfume in 2003 was the English National Ballet. Its aroma has the intension of taking us to the ballet’s backstage, the note are a reminder of makeup, the leather on the ballet shoes. If you have ever been close to a dance spectacle, you will be able to imagine this sensation.
This perfume was ordered by a Maharaja. This Maharaja wanted to celebrate his granddaughter’s birthday, and so he ordered this perfume with a special request – that it had the aroma of his palace’s gardens. And so it was done. After much research and studies made, the result was exactly the luxurious perfume of the summer gardens of the palace.
There is strong tailors tradition in England and Sartorial was a perfume created to celebrate this tradition. In London, for example, there is a street dedicated to tailors called Savile Road. The notes on this perfume takes you directly to a tailor shop, it is possible to feel and relate the smell of fabrics and the metals (scissors, needles, etc.) of a shop like that. It is hard to explain without using the sense of smell while we talk about the perfumes, but if you have the opportunity the perfume store, it will be easy to remember this explanation.
Juniper Sling
The inspiration behind this perfume was Gin. Its aroma is very sharp, strong and fresh, which reminds a lot the Dry Gin. The freshness of the perfume is largely due to the juniper. Since this drink has great importance and great tradition in the country, this perfume is to celebrate the main ingredient to so many cocktails.
The story I am going to tell about this perfume is not about its creation, but about a person who adopted this perfume as part of their daily life. This is the oldest perfume in the brand, and the opera singer Maria Callas liked to have this perfume scenting the stage during shows , so before her presentations they sprayed the Hammam all over the stage. This fragrance is strong and eccentric, doesn’t go unnoticed, just like Callas, and maybe this is the reason behind her choice of this perfume. All the stories i’ve learned are interesting and together with the aroma of the perfume make sense and tell a story through the aroma, this makes the brand interesting and unique. With time, the brand is becoming more modern and creating new products like the line for beard, bath and beauty, as well creating a line of amenities for travel with a few products from the main line, all that without losing quality.

One thing I cannot go without saying is the candle line the brand has. Here in the United Kingdom it is very traditional to have candle at home, many beauty , decoration and other brands have a line specialised in the creation and selling of these products. The Penhaligon’s line, besides being extremely aromatic, it also has interesting collections such as the fragrances from the perfume line or inspired by a tea collection.

Whoever has a trip scheduled, include this perfume shop on the list.
It is an enchanted world filled with aromas surrounded by a lot of history.
To learn a little more about the histories of the perfumes and the brand, watch the video we made in the Regent’s Street store here in London.

Concealers for all tastes and prices

Concealer image for website

If there is a make up item that I cannot be without is a good concealer. After all, I was born with dark circles in my eyes that like to appear, even after a good night sleep, they are still there, insisting to be a part of my look. But I do not despair, they are part of me, so I get some help fro powerful allies: concealers.

My choice in concealers is based on what I want for my look at that moment, sometimes to disguise it a little, and other times to make them completely disappear, but always looking for a natural look, nothing too heavy.

Through the years, the way I use my make up has been changing and I always try to perfect myself, with courses, discovering new products, so here is a list of my favourites, that range from old choices to new discoveries:

Effacernes Lancôme

An old sweetheart
Over five years of use, soft, but with a medium cover, super creamy, doesn’t “break” in the skin, and doesn’t need any powder to fixate. Always ready to help me! It’s not the cheapest option, but I think it is worth the cost.

Cle de Peau

Sweetheart of the moment
And this love has been going on for over two years. This concealer feels as natural as having a second skin, but with an excellent cover (medium to be precise). The texture has won me over – super light, and on a stick, which helps applying on your skin, and helps avoiding waste.

It is not that easy to find, usually just available in the US. It is not cheap as well, but I found that, in my case, the investment is well worth.

Pro longwear concealer MAC

Lifelong sweetheart
I think it was one of the first concealers I discovered. It was love at first sight. And what a love it was.
It has an excellent cover (medium to high), with a perfect finish, and creamier than the last two options above, it has a wide range of colours to choose for the right skin tone. This is one of those products that I am never without in my necessaire. However, it has one problem in my opinion – the applier, if not used carefully, end up wasting some of the product.

But aside from that it is fantastic, in times of high temperatures I use this concealer with some cream or oil for the skin and use as a foundation, it stays light and covers the little imperfections.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

A new experiment that worked really well
While searching for new and different products, I came across this concealer by Nars. It is a super creamy option, but it spreads very easily and doesn’t feel heavy, has a medium to high cover and doesn’t “break” in the skin. It doesn’t last long, just like Cle de Peau, but even before the first vial was over I already knew it would be worth buying a new one once it finished.

The applier in a brush format helps a lot when applying on your face, and it is also great to cover other little spots such as pimples, sun spots, etc.

These four concealers are my faithfuls helpers and I am very happy about choosing them. Mas it is always great to find new products and search for more affordable options, so my list has grown with two more discoveries:

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Super creamy and spreads really well, has a medium to high cover, with a great applier, it reminds me of the texture and colour of Nars’s concealer.

It’s not under other concealer from known brands, excellent texture, perfect cover that lasts all day and not accumulate the product, avoiding “breaks” in the skin.

This brand is sold in pharmacies here in the UK, it has a good price and whoever has a trip scheduled, it’s worth having this product on your list.

Maybeline Eraser Eye Concealer

When I discovered this concealer by Maybeline in a research at a pharmacy, it called my attention because it seemed to have a more velvety finish and and an interesting application sponge, but I was afraid it might have a weak cover and not being a long lasting option.

To my surprise its cover is indeed light to medium, but in contact with the skin it works very well in softening marks such as dark circles around the eyes and red spots. It has a very thin texture, so it allows to add a few layers to create a higher coverage. The application sponge is very practical and with the right dosage it can work as a blender.

Its sold in pharmacies and cosmetic stores.

And to conclude, there are two products on this subject that are worth the investment:

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter

Ideal for a final touch in the eyes after make up is done. It increases the coverage and brightens. Those who don’t have dark circles around the eyes it can even be used as a concealer.

Concealer Cube Kryolan

A professional line concealer that has a high coverage and a texture that feels like a second skin. This is for anyone who wants a professional product that covers the dark circles on the eyes, because it comes in two tones – one reduces the depth of the circles and the other corrects the colour. To make this duo even more special, it comes with a translucent powder to seal the concealer that is fantastic (normally I use this powder with other concealers as well).