A neutral counterpoint in a sea of colours

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cores neutras

From the casual to the modern, you can invest in your style with different neutral colour looks.

I love colours, prints, but more and more I have dedicated my attention to neutral colours. They help me create any look with prints or colours, and when combined they add elegance to the mix.

One of my favourite colours of the moment is grey. This colour has been my ‘wildcard’ for the winter season – the darker tones are great to give black a little break. Light tones help give a winter outfit more levity, even with heavier layers and fabrics.

cores neutras

How can you create looks with neutral tones and make it visually interesting?

  • Pick a neutral colour that you like, that you are comfortable with;
  • Bet on different textures and fabrics – that will add visual layers to your look;
  • You can also bet in different tones from a same colour – this way you can create small contrasts between the pieces;
  • If you’d like, you can choose a highlight spot with a different colour. You can do that with part of the outfit, with an accessory, make-up (lipstick) – in my case, my hair colour is usually a highlight.
cores neutras
cores neutras

In these pictures I’m using an oversized light grey sweater, and I chose to include a wool jacket that is almost the same colour (both from Zara) and grey trousers with a darker tone (from Laís David – almost vintage). And to complete the look I chose a pair of white boots (from Mango), and one of my favourite items from this season (I know for most this is a love/hate ‘marmite’ scenario), and a light grey fedora (from The Last Stop For The Curious), to keep the same pallet.

I’m betting in neutral colour looks, especially grey and beige, and maybe (or not) including a colour highlight to the look. In this picture you can see I chose to keep the neutral colours only, changing slightly the tones.

But neutral colours go way beyond grey and beige – we cannot forget white, black, blue – various tones, brown, camel, etc.

Something else that gave a little boost to my wardrobe this season was choosing lighter colour looks. I bet on some new combinations, and used items that were forgotten during the winter.

cores neutras

The colours in this picture are all based on graphite. They were taken in Shoreditch, one of my favourite neighbourhoods and spots in London – full of graffiti and street art.

Pictures are by Fernando BA, a long time partner of my work. To find out more about his photography work, click here.

3×1 – Different outfits with the same skirt

By The London Ginger (Para ler esse post em português, clique aqui)
Três looks, uma saia

My relation with fashion has been shifting lately, especially after moving to London.

To start, the weather and my everyday life here are very different from what I was used to in São Paulo. So outfits change, and I also have to consider the issue of space (since houses are smaller here, and consequently my wardrobe). The best option is to have a more intelligent, versatile and lean closet.

One of the biggest changes in my wardrobe is that now I look for items that I can use in different combinations and occasions – hence the title of this post, 3×1 – which means three looks with one single skirt.

Actually, this skirt allows more than three looks, but the three I photographed best illustrate my idea of finding versatile items, that can create different combination with what you already have in your wardrobe.

This skirt became a hit online, and I know why. It is printed, but with a classic vichy print. The colour helps the combination, its cut is asymmetric, and the length is one of the current favourites. With all these aspects, this skirt becomes modern and cool – and of course the price is a big plus – £29,90 at Zara.

Here are the three looks I photographed with the skirt:

The first look is my favourite. It combines the skirt’s print with the shirt, keeping the red colour as predominant, and I added a little colour with some accessories, namely my sandals and earrings. The makeup is light, without too much colour to keep focus on the outfit. This is a look I consider to be more elegant, with a touch of modern. (Skirt: Zara/ Blouse: Zara/ Sandals: Schultz/ Earrings: Vintage)

Três looks, uma saia
Três looks, uma saia
Três looks, uma saia
Três looks, uma saia

The second look is more casual and basic. The tennis shoes lends the skirt a new view, a lot more unpretentious. The scarf, sunglasses and red lipstick helps the overall look to balance the basic t-shirt. (Skirt: Zara/ T-shirt: H&M/ Sneakers: Adidas/ Sunglasses: Zara/ Scarf: Vintage)

Três looks, uma saia
Três looks, uma saia
Três looks, uma saia
Três looks, uma saia

The third look is another print combination, but more discreet (the blouse is made from a tailor’s fabric). But since I wanted a more sophisticated look, I added some classic accessories, and decided to use a pink lipstick (because I think that pink and red make an excellent combination). All that combined with high heel shoes that matches the look’s colour palette. (Skirt: Zara/ Blouse: Vintage/ Shoes: Schultz/ Sunglasses: Karen Walker/ Acessories: H.Stern, Lily and Rose by Zetterberg)

Três looks, uma saia
Três looks, uma saia
Três looks, uma saia
Três looks, uma saia

They are three looks with different ideas, for different occasions and show the versatility I look for in a clothing item. Of course these are only a few examples of all the possible matches that can be made with this skirt. And ever since I bought this skirt, I have used it so much, with so many outfits. And will continue using – and you can follow that through my social media channels.

Três looks, uma saia
Três looks, uma saia

Shifting to a more sustainable use of fashion is a daily exercise, and everyday I learn more. And buying items that you are going to use many times is a way to be sustainable (plus, you will save money).

(Photos by Fernando BA Photography)

For a more colourful winter

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Winter is here – today the coldest season of the years begins at the northern hemisphere!

During autumn, as we are waiting for winter to arrive, I notice that outfits and looks become less colourful, we choose more neutral and dark colours, which in my opinion makes the look more classic and elegant – but why leave colours aside?

To give an extra charm, a little “extra” to the look I love using strong and live colours, prints, textures (sometimes mixing more that one at a time) along with neutral and monochromatic colours during the colder seasons of the year.

As opposed to the summer, when I use tons of colour, during autumn and winter I like to invest in specific items of clothing, accessories and even makeup to create a highlight spot on my look.

On a daily basis, I believe that my ginger hair already creates this technique of using a highlight point,, and this one definitely one of the incentives behind the wish to invest in colours.

Here are some tips (much like you can find on the post about sequins) to use more colour during the cold months:

  • Start with a colour/print that you like (look at your pieces and find a colour that you like, a print that you have already used);
  • Invest in timeless pieces, they will last though the seasons even with changes in trends;
  • Search for colours the complement the outfits you already have;
  • If you want to try, but has a classic or minimalist style, invest in a piece that fits you just how you like it, but with some colour and mix that with neutral or monochromatic pieces of your outfit;
  • Start by slowly adding colours, begin with an accessory: a bag, belt, hat, scarf, etc;
  • Use more colour with makeup, like lipstick, eye shadows, and if you are used to more colourful makeup, such as a red lipstick, (one of my all-time favourites), try new colours.
  • Check a table of colours to learn more about complementary colours if you’d like to make a more elaborate combination;
  • The most important: feel comfortable, because what fits is being happy with your choices, follow your own rules and the trends that make you happy to use. There is no right or wrong – what matters is for you to feel comfortable.

Fashion is a means of communication, so use it to show who you are and what you like, there is no need to follow all the trends, just discover the most recent ones and choose the one that speaks to you. There is no need to by all new things every season, look for items that go along with your style and that can work as a long term investment, and using the same items many times is a sign of a great purchase, because that outfit can be used in various occasions with different looks.

Outfits are part of your story and they tell part of it too, choose wisely and they with tag along for many years.

Lily and Rose by Zettenberg

Recently I discovered the Swedish brand Lily and Rose and it was delight at first site.
Its classic and elegant style, and at the same time with a touch of contemporaneity, makes their pieces adaptable to different occasions.
If it’s for a formal party or even for day-to-day, it is possible to find many items. Another strong point for the brand, besides the beauty and quality, is the price.

The designer and creator of the brand is also a stylist for a bridal and party brand called Zettenberg – be sure to have a look.

Another particular that delighted me was the story behind the brand’s name, that comes from a famous and well-known series – Sex and The City (an HBO series with Sarah Jessica Parker). Fans of the series will remember the character Charlotte (played by Kristin Davis) that had a long path to find her happy ending with her husband and two daughters: Lily and Rose.
The brand’s collections all received women’s names.

Learn more about the brand:
Website: http://www.lilyandrose.com/
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lilyandrosebyzetterberg/

Bet on the glow


In the 40s it made its first appearances, but it was only later in the 70s and 80s, along with disco, that it really established itself in fashion. After some downtime, or with low notoriety, Sequins are getting ready for a full and complete return.

Glow as a fashion detail is recurring and gradually increasing every decade, but now sequins are taking over the catwalks, window displays, magazines and the streets, from festive looks to casual or classics to alternatives.

Brands like Burberry, House of Holland, Alexander McQueen, Erdem, Anish, Preen and Toyshop all heavily bet in sequins for their winter 2017 collection, each one according to the style and essence of the brand – and the outcome is beautiful.

But, how to use sequins in daily looks?
First of all, I believe everything is possible in fashion, being faithful to your style everything becomes easier. It doesn’t matter if it is day or night, sequins are adaptable to the moment, just use whatever feels comfortable, whatever is coherent with your style and the situation in which it will be used. Fashion is fun when its free and democratic, so enjoy and dress what feels comfortable.

• start with items that include sequins (such as t-shirts, trousers, jackets);
• assemble a casual or classic look and replace one of the pieces for one with sequins, such as a blazer, or a skirt, a t-shirt, and this will give you the glow;
• invest in sequin pieces or accessories that accentuate your look (a purse, belt, shoes, coat);

The pictures in this post (with exception to the catwalks) are of pieces from a Brazilian brand called Joulik, that dedicates itself to the creation of marvellous and really well made sequin pieces and embroideries, and who recently developed a capsule collection for C&A, Joulik is one of my lifelong favourite brands, and every time I return to Brazil, I pay them a visit to do some shopping (this is not a sponsored post, I am only sharing this brand that I love so much).
This pictures where taken by my partner Fernando BA, a Brazilian photographer based in London, and an amazing professional.

Tower Bridge in London was the location chosen for this photo shoot.