Polpo: A Venetian Tapas restaurant


Even before moving to London, I already had Polpo in my “restaurants to try” list (I have about a dozen of these lists), friends had already suggested it, and since I am in love with Venice, by the Italian language and by the food – I had to go there!

The restaurant follows the Venetian style, each address in a modern and cool way, but the Italian charm is evident in all of them.


The menu is filled with delicious Italian small and medium “tapas” portions, that can be eaten individually or shared. The menu changes slightly every season, and these small changes always allow you to try new dishes.

Amongst the most requested are the meatballs, which can be ordered from different recipes. From a classic with spaghetti to “alla Vendona” (a fried meatball with a thin crispy crust), which happens to be one of my favourite. The arancinis (little Italian rice croquettes) is also included in the menu at all seasons.

Fish, sea food are always great options at Polpo – they usually vary according to the seasonality of the ingredients. The pizzetas (individual size pizzas) are a must (after all, it is an Italian restaurant) with many flavours and a very crunchy crust.
For your sweet tooth, there are usually 3 or 4 options in the menu – and be sure to try the chocolate salami!

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The Spritz is the highlight amongst the drinks, but you can find amazing cocktails and great wines.

The portions are not very big – and a great way to enjoy them is to visit the restaurant with friends so you can try a variety of them. The price is friendly, especially if you are in for a small and quick bite.

To those who are in London, or are coming here, do not miss this opportunity to try Polpo. There are over three 3 addresses in different parts of town, each one with its unique charm.