Raquel Sol


My name is Raquel Sol, I am Brazilian, born and raised in São Paulo (I love SP), now living in London (a new and addictive passion).

I am graduated in Publishing and Visual Arts, Trend Researcher by vocation and passionate about writing and discovering new things.

I work as a Trend Researcher, doing projects for companies in various fields. I am crazy about my job and everything that I learn from it.

This blog was born with the intention to share stories, experiences, tips and diverse content. Talking about fashion and beauty, arts, books, travel, food, pets and daily things!

I live in London with my “boyfriend/husband” and my pets – 2 dogs (Pancakes and Linus) and my 5 cats (Sookie, Blue, Oliver, Charlie and Gigi). And they will all be a great part of this blog.