Pantone’s 2016 colour

Rose Quartz

This month Pantone has released the list of TOP 10 colours for the year of 2016, and with this release we now know what is the colour that will represent next year. This information is important to many sectors, not only fashion, but also decoration, design, creation, etc.

“A softer and more comfortable colour palette”, said Pantone’s director Leatrice Eiseman about the choice, and this decision is directly related to the digital world’s oppression, where we are overwhelmed with information due to its evolution, hence the search for softness and comfort.


Rose Quartz was chosen as the main colour, and along with it nine other colours follow, five with a softer tone (Rose Quartz, Peach, Serenity, Snorkel, Buttercup) and five other colours that have a little more intensity (Limpted Shell, Lilac Gray, Fiesta, Iced Coffee, Green Flash). This mixture of colours make the combinations between them intriguing and unusual.

Let’s keep an eye!