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Folkestone a rocky beach

Nothing better to start the week than going to the beach. And the chosen one this time was Folkestone.

The reason for this trip was work, Fernando BA (who has been in this blog before through his photos in this post and this one) and I were looking for a beach that was close to London that had stones and large rocks to make a photoshoot, and that is when we came upon Folkestone.

With trains available from Charing Cross or King’s Cross, this stone beach with blue waters is about 1h30 to 2h from London. Once at Folkestone Central station, a 10 minute walk takes you to a lookout point right by the beach.

The observation point at Leas Road has a beautiful view of the beach. On this day there was some fog, which typical of southeast beaches, but the view is gorgeous with or without it.

In order to get to the beach we went down through a path called “Zig Zag Pad”, with rocks that form small caves, trees. The path itself is already beautiful.

Because it was Monday (yes, imagine starting the week at the beach, with wonderful weather. Not bad…) the beach was empty. The water was cold (as usual here), but since the weather was very warm, the day was perfect. The sea is very calm, no waves, and the beach is perfect if you want to relax and enjoy a nice day.

On the beach there is small restaurant/bar where you can enjoy some ice-cream or a snack. In the city there are a series of restaurant options.

Folkestone is a city that combines two very different characteristics that I love. It has a countryside feel mixed with a city by the beach.

On one side of the observation point you have a beautiful view of the beach, and on the other you see a small town square with a bandstand and some typical countryside architecture.

After doing the photoshoot (photos will be in a blog post here soon) and having a very lovely day on the beach, we found a small garden called Northking Garden on the way back to the station.

Spending a day at the beach is wonderful, you can recharge your batteries, but the most special aspect of all is to visit a new place, have a new experience. This is one of the best feelings in the world.I hope I get to have more Mondays like this one.

Folkestone Beach
(Photos by Fernando BA Photography)

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