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Charming Autumn

Ever since I was little I have liked the autumn, I’m not sure if this feeling was one of those that grow by it self, or if it was fed through movies and series, all I know is that ever since I can remember, this season has a special place in my heart.

The autumn colours captivate me, note only the different flower tones, but also the sky has a different colour.

I moved to London during the winter, so it took a whole year before I could experience autumn on the northern hemisphere (considering that I have lived in Brazil all my life), and I believe that this season is very different between the two hemispheres.

It is during the autumn that you feel the cold breeze that comes before the winter, it is when the evening starts to arrive earlier, when the mist takes over the city in only a few days, when nature goes through a change, letting leaves fall from the trees so new ones can be born.

And this transformation is beautiful to watch, the ground is full of colourful leaves and I feel the urge to grab a bunch on my hands and through them in the air, or to make a big pile of leaves and jump on them, like they do in movies and cartoons.

In this celebration of autumn and of the month of November we can see the inspiration behind the Guns’n Roses song November Rain, so there is nothing better than capturing beautiful moments on incredible places.

Along with Fernando (photographer already known here in my blog), we made beautiful and fun pictures.

We chose the gardens at Eltham Palace, being the great location it is, an interesting and exotic palace that combines different times of history, art and architecture, mixing Medieval and Art Deco architecture in the same environment.

And also, the beautiful colours created by the autumn season, and not letting the rain get in our way – quite the contrary, making the rain an important part of this photoshoot, playing with the umbrella.

Very soon we will have a post and a video about Eltham Palace. Until then, we have these photos done in the gardens on a rainy but beautiful autumn day.

The city, the views, everything gets a new colour palette during autumn, that ranges from yellow to green, going through tones of red, which makes this season a real explosion of colours.

This beautiful season, poetic and colourful, prepares us for the winter, that comes full of its charm, so follow through our social media channels that I will be sharing it all with you.

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