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All content on “thelondonginger.com” is my own, so if you’d like to use any content or images please contact me directly at contact@thelondonginger.com or through the contact page.


As mentioned above, all content is created by myself and some of the content is created in collaboration with brands and companies.

I only work with brands/companies that I consider compatible with my values and content to maintain a good and transparent work.

All the paid collaborations (being ad/sponsored/partnership) will be properly marked for the readers to know.


Sometimes companies/brands send me or offer complimentary services and products. I will only feature the ones I really like, trust and use.

This content will also be clearly marked.


Some of the products I write about I can connect to an affiliate link.

So when you buy the product through this link, the company/brand will pay me a small percentage.

However, I want to assure that this does not influence the products I share, as some of the products are not affiliated with any company/brand.

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