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Mayfield Lavender Farm

An activity outside of the more typical and well-known in London, but is worth doing between July and August, is visiting a lavender field. In London there is more than one, but in this post I will talk about one that I visited.

The choice was the Mayfield Lavender Farm, which is located in the south of London. With a trip of about 40 minutes from the centre of London, you arrive at this beautiful field of English lavender. It doesn’t even look like London anymore with this bucolic view, colourful and scented, but rather a countryside town in rural England.

To get there you have have a few options, depending on the time and day, trains depart from station in the centre of London (Waterloo, London Bridge, Victoria) to stations close to the field (Purley, Epson, Surrey), and there all you have to do is get a bus that leaves you at the main gate. The field is located in London Zone 6, so it is possible to make all the trip using your Oyster Card.

The Mayfield Lavender Farm has free parking for those who prefer to drive there and the price to get in the fields is £1 (one pound) per person. Besides the lavender fields, there is also a café/sandwich shop, as well as a small store where you can buy bouquets and lavender seedlings.

Don’t forget to try the lavender ice cream!Until then, I’ve never had the opportunity to visit a lavender field, the sensation of being there was wonderful, it is an experience that pleases the eyes because the fields are beautiful e colourful, as well as the sense of smell, because the scent is strong and pure.

The fields blossom in specific times – in June they start to grow, but it is in July and August that they are full. In certain years it is possible to see some of the lavender still in September, but it all depends on that year’s crop.
This is a trip that I recommend to everyone who comes to London. A chance to discover a unique and colourful view, inside this amazing city.

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