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Pre wedding In Bucharest

Another pre wedding photoshoot, this time in Bucharest – and a little about the process behind the wedding planning.

Throughout the preparation for the wedding we tried to keep our lives as normal as possible, I believe that is why we can organise our party with the least worry, anxiety and nervousness. Of course, for a few moments we worry, or get frustrated with a specific situation or decision, but early on we made a deal of making the wedding a complement to the days we spent together, a date to celebrate “normal” days leading up to the party. And so we did.

With that in mind the months before the big day were becoming special because we enjoyed everything, the whole organisation process in one way or another came into our routine. As we prepared dinner, listened to the songs that were on the list for the ceremony, during our city tours we exchanged opinions on what we wanted at the party, before bed we sat in bed to evaluate the possible places for the day, everything was decided and thought together (with one exception being my dress and the look I chose for the wedding day – Leo wanted to be surprised), so the wedding brought us even closer.

Some subjects were more fun than others, some more practical decisions, some more sentimental ones, but the certainty that we were doing something to celebrate our love was present all the time.

We really enjoyed doing the pre wedding photos (I made a post showing the photos of the first pre wedding photoshoot and the second here on the blog) and took another opportunity to immortalise this moment of joy when we were in Bucharest (looking for my dress, which I will tell everything in a post soon).

Spring was just beginning, the cherry blossoms were blooming, and we had Georgiana‘s company, a wonderful photographer, following her work on the internet, and we scheduled to meet each other the first time I was in Bucharest earlier this year. Why not enjoy and register?

So these photos came up, Georgiana (who also accompanied me in the last test of my dress) portrayed a very special moment, in just a month after these photos we would be getting married. These photos represent the end of the cycle of all our dedication and planning for the wedding, after this clear date the rush increased (quite a lot), but we kept our deal until the end and it made our day very special. And we have these beautiful photos to remember.

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