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Fernando BA, photographer, friend and long time partner to my blog, idealised this project and named it “Free Spirit” – a person with a unique or particular attitude, lifestyle, or imagination, nonconformist.

When he invited me to be part of this project, I was incredibly flattered and happy to participate in something so beautiful.

We started thinking about possible locations and what “free spirit” meant to me. And soon the best location for the photo shoot was clear to me.

The place that makes me feel free is the sea – I love and enjoy every opportunity to be near the sea, be it summer or winter, sand or rocky beach.

We chose Folkestone beach, located in southeast England – and you can read a post about the beach here.

Once in location, the inspiration and talent behind the photos was all Fernando’s. It was enough for me to be on the beach and taking part in such an amazing project.

The result was a series of beautiful pictures that will delight me forever.

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